Why does shipping take 2-4 weeks? 

We ship free! So sometimes, it takes a little bit longer. Other times, the products are shipped directly from the makers from half way around the world. If you have any questions about your shipping, email us! We're always respond within 24 hrs. 


Something's not right with my order...

Oh no! Send us a message right away, and we can help you fix it. We might ask for a picture, depending on your situation, so don't throw anything away yet.


How do I track my order? Do you provide a tracking number? 

When possible, yes. Sometimes small orders shipped with smaller packaging doesn't have tracking numbers. 


Do you offer refunds or can I return my items? 

Yes, we accept returns and can offer you a refund. However, if you chose to return or exchange your items, the shipping is at the expense of the buyer.